White Flour is a story that needs to be told, especially in the world of today. Children need to learn how to meet the hate surrounding us without returning it – and this book shows them a special way to do that. It is a poignant and beautiful book with a story that will inspire young and old. My hat is off to David and Jenn for their important, moving, work.
— Peter Yarrow, of Peter Paul & Mary

White Flour is a brilliant children’s picture book to help open up a discussion of working for peace and justice and making it fun and meaningful. It confirms that clowning is a trick to get love close.
— Patch Adams, M.D., clown activist

It may be aimed at kids, and they’ll love it, but I can attest that adults will love it equally. Here’s hoping it inspires equally engaged comic imagination on some other fronts as well.
— Paul Loeb, author of NYT bestseller Soul of a Citizen

White Flour is well-written and creative, and communicates an important message to young children.
— Gene Sharp, author of The Politics of Nonviolent Action, Director of the Albert Einstein Institution

Inspires us to act—creatively and nonviolently!
— Thom Ronk, Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance magazine

Using his inspired creative gifts as a poetic storyteller, David LaMotte combines wit, whimsy and wisdom to teach a needed lesson: there really are effective and powerful alternatives to violence.  White Flour,  based on historical fact, deserves a place in every school in the world, a place on every teacher’s desk and surely a place in every child’s imagination. It’s a rare moment when a book like this comes along. If we heed its simple, but powerful message, we will see an increase in peace and a decrease in violence. Guaranteed. March On!!
— Colman McCarthy, Director of the Center for Teaching Peace

David’s book bears witness to a profound truth: that humor and love are vital tools for breaking down barriers and overcoming hate. His telling of the Coup Clutz Clowns’ story is masterful and compelling. Bravo!
— Father Lyndon Harris, E.D., Gardens of Forgiveness

David LaMotte has captured a poetic event in a poetic way. His book can serve to inoculate readers against their own responses of frustration and point them toward better choices. The poem is simply marvelous!
— Donald Davis, Storyteller

White Flour, the book and the poem, are inspired–witty, beautifully illustrated, and practical in their implications for nonviolence education. This is an essential addition to the library for young people on peacemaking and “nonviolent solutions.”  Both deserve wide reading and dissemination, and would be entertaining as street theater or a Broadway musical as well.
— Michael True, Center for Nonviolent Solutions

White Flour uses the cleverness of humor, the power of words, and the beauty of art to teach a powerful lesson, ”when you’re fighting hatred, hatred’s not the thing to use!
— Monica Willard, United Religions Initiative, Representative to the UN


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